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The Arabigo Method!

Learning with Arabigo is fun and addictive, Pass the lessons by finding the right answers to the interactive exercises.

Our lessons are short and effective, check here how Arabigo will help you become an Arabilingual.

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ARABIGO: A 360° vision of learning Arabic

A unique combination of expertise, modernity and technology to teach you how to read, write and converse in Arabic



A cutting-edge and interactive method, created more than 10 years ago, and tested on several hundred students



A fun methodology based on "gamification", allowing you to learn "by playing".

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A total immersion, putting you in real situations through a savvy mix of videos and storytelling


Learners use their senses multimodally with a combination of listening & recording, by diving into reading, writing, listening and speaking exercises.
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A modern and performant interface, designed to offer you a smooth and pleasant user experience
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A "gamified" monitoring and evaluation system is designed to encourage regular learning
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The use of multiple mediums: sound, images and videos catches your attention and facilitate your learning
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Arabigo is also available offline, it could be used wherever you go
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